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Hey everyone, just thought i'd take some time to vent as my life is going pretty crazy right now. Over the past year or so I started having a change in my bowel movements as I would have alternating D and C.... After a few months I went to the doc and had the usual blood tests and stool tests done including the Fecal Blood Tests... all were negative... unfortunately things never really got better, so about 6 months later (last week), I went back and pretty much had the same tests done again, all coming back negative... so I get a call today that my doc wants to schedule me for a colonoscopy.. they tell me next monday, tues, or wed.. so I don't really have too much time to stress about it, but I chose tuesday as Iam a full time college student (22 years old)....

I tell you what, I don't know if i'm more scared of the procedure or what they could possibly find.. but as some of you can relate, you get to that point where you can't emotionally torture yourself any longer. I hate not knowing what's wrong with me, if it's the big C, I want to deal with it now.

Of course i'm hoping it's going to be IBS... but I can't rest until i find out.

Luckily I've never had any type of blood in my stool.. only some mucous, and some occasional flat thin stools... but I can't handle being at work or school any longer, and having to rush to the bathroom because of the sudden onset of the big bad D... haha..

So i'm prepping monday, going in tues at the crack of dawn, they told me they use versed, so i'm hoping i'll be so out of it I won't notice what's going on.. it seems like an eternity away, it's going to be a long ass weekend, i'll tell you that.

Any other younger folks out there like me that's going through this? Apparently 22 years old wasn't a factor for my Doc as it wasn't a hesitation for him to schedule it. ahh...

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