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Yesterday I had my 1st colonoscopy, and it was so much easier than I expected! The prep the day before had me take 3 T. of Fleets phospho soda w/ 6oz. juice at noon, along with 2 dulcolax tablets. I drank lots of liquids, then at 8 pm took another 3T. To make it go down better, I placed it in the freezer for about 10 min. along with the grape juice that I took it in. Pinched my nose, and drank it straight down. Not bad, at all.

The next morning I went to the lab, had an IV for the sedative put in. The Dr. came in, introduced himself, asked if I was hungry, and boom!!! I was completely out, next thing I knew, I was woke up, procedure was over, and I never even knew it had begun! It took 15-20 min. Everything was fine, no polyps, tumoers, etc.

So, all of you that are hesitant, like I was, get the colonoscopy!! It was simple, and I did not feel a thing, and not embarrassed at all, since I was "out" before even getting examed. Good Luck to you all, it's definitely worth the piece of mind I now have.
Stitcher, please go ahead and get this done! It truly was much better than I thought it would be. My Dr. had been after me for 5 years to get this done(because I hit 50 and should be screened)
To answer your questions: No, I had no gagging or nausea, and I am one to have problems with this at times. I did not have cramping, beyond the normal feeling you get when you know you need to "go." I felt the need to evacuate about 20 minutes after drinking the Phospho solution. I went on and off for the next 2 hours, but had no problem getting to the bathroom in time. During these 2 hours, you are drinking at LEAST 5 8oz. glasses of ligiud, which is necessary to avoid problems that a previous poster mentioned. I am not diabetic and had no previous kidney problems. I do have high blood pressure(on meds) but I had no problems with this prep. My 79 year old father has used this prep twice in the last 5 years, with absoluely no problems.

The actual prep was:
Day of prep, only clear liguids(more the better) Included was apple, cranberry, grape juice. Also fatfree broth, hard candy, popsicles, jello w/no fruit.
NO orange, grapefruit(because of pulp) or dairy.
At noon: Take 3T.(1.5oz) of Fleets phospho soda in 6oz. clear liquid. Over the next two hours, drink at least five 8oz. glasses of liquids. Also take 2 Dulcolax pills.

At 8p.m. take 3T. Fleets phospho soda in 6 oz. clear liquid. Over next 2 hours, drink at least five 8oz. glasses clear liquid.

I drank a lot more liquid in addition. I was so full of broth, popsicles, etc. that I was not hungry at all. I also was asllep by 11:30, but did get up around 3a.m drank some water and went to the bathroom a final time.

I could drink liquids until 6a.m. day of test. I had very little gas after the test.
I hope this helped you, and yes, you and everyone else considering this prep need to discuss it with your Dr. This is the most common prep that my Dr. uses, he's been a gastro for 30 years, and owns the Lab. Best Wishes for your results.:)

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