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Just to reiterate that 39 is not too young to get colon cancer, you can get it at any age. My best friend died at the age of 25 from colon cancer.

But he was just extremely unlucky, some freak genetic defect that caused a very very aggressive form of cancer.

I would say the fact that you have been suffering with this problem somewhat for the past 10 years would probably sway in the favour of not being colon cancer. And more like a chronic bowel disorder such as IBS or Crohns disease (plus a million and one possible other disorders).

And even if you were to have bowel cancer, the survival rate is generally pretty good especially taking your age into consideration. As already stated you really shouldn't be worrying about a colostomy bag.

My friend required a colostomy bag after the initial discovery of the tumour, and they had to remove a large portion of his bowel and stomach. But it was only a temporary measure while the surgery healed, within a couple of months he had full use of his bowel again.

So remember only in very rare cases will full dependency on a colostomy bag be needed, usually they are only a temporary measure.

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