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I am sure that you have seen all the posts before so reiterating them won't do a whole lot to calm your fears.

Yes, blood CAN be from cancer, but there is an equally good chance that it's not. Yes, hemorrhoids can cause bleeding in some people-oftentimes quite a lot. Regardless, you must have a colonoscopy to get this checked out. One thing I would like to really stress to you is DO NOT allow a doctor (and I am NOT saying your doctor will do this) to tell you that you are too young and don't need a colonoscopy. That is just plain BULL!

Another thing to make sure doesn't happen is to have the doctor do a simple digital rectal exam (DRE) and say everything is fine. That is a totally unreliable test. Yes, it is ok IF you have a low rectal polyp/growth/tumor and IF you have a hemorrhoid. Even then, simply by feeling a doctor cannot adequately distinguish between a hemorrhoid and a growth (whether it be a polyp or tumor). Obviously something is going on and you need to have it checked out.

As to what is wrong with you-well it is just too difficult to tell without being scoped. AS for whether it is cancer, well that is just ONE of MANY things that could be causing your symptoms. You could have IBS, Crohn's, bleeding polyps just to name a few.

Just to tell you my story. I had a mid rectal tumor, no bleeding to speak of, an occasional (and really, not very often) teeny tiny drop of blood (no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence) on the toilet paper after a particularly difficult BM. However, I was having smaller BMs but since they had evolved over time, I never paid much attention to it. Looking back at it I can see it, but didn't during this period. This probably was going on for 4 years or so. Somewhat upset stomach, but more gassiness and uncomfortableness lower down. Now, I DID have hemorrhoids which helped mask the problem and explained some of the symptoms. Fecal occult blood test was negative as were all other stool tests. Finally I got up the courage to get my hermorrhoids banded and that's when the surgeon 'discovered' my growth. Had the colonoscopy and things went from there. That was almost two years ago. My point in telling you this is that I had only very vague symptoms.

As for the anxiety, it is only natural. However, you really need to stop worrying about dying and/or having to have a colostomy. I DO know how you feel because I went through those exact same feelings in the beginning. Let's suppose you do have cancer. Having colorectal cancer does NOT necessarily mean that you have to have a colostomy. As a matter of fact, most people don't. Even people with rectal cancer don't usually have to have a colostomy. The earlier a patient catches the cancer, the better the chances that there are alternative surgeries that can be done. I am a perfect example.

There are no guarantees with any disease or illness, and it is perfectly natural to be scared and anxious. However, I want you to know that IF you do have some form of colorectal cancer (notice the large sized IF!) it is NOT a death sentence.

I am only starting to frequent this particular board so I don't know if there is a way to send a PM. If so, please send me one with any specific questions or concerns, and I will try to help you. Try and relax and take the first step by getting in to see the doctor and being very proactive with your health care.

Good luck.

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