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First of all when doing the surgery while stapling the bowel the stapler failed and put a hole in the bowel so an illeostomy temporayr bag was put on, Then he was allergic to chemo and that had to be stopped so when they removed the bag after a month he ended up with paritinitis and nearly died, so they left the wound to heal without closing the surgery hole up. In between time Ray had bad head aches and it was put down to the chemo but his local doctor did some tests and he had brain cancer which was removed in Melbourne much better than the Bendigo surgeons. So after that his bowel was still playing up and his surgeon just practically said put up with it So 8 panadeine forte a day and 6 endone for years until he had the bag put back on and his hernia fixed, now the bag sits out like a big boob because of the hernia and he still takes endone for the pain so really not much has changed but we are just hoping the a surgeon in Melbourne will have a look at him and see what can be done as he is too young to live like he is. The surgeon in Bendigo doesn't seem to know what he is doing and we have no confidence in him at all now. He has never done any back up tests except for a colonosq every twelve months and that is he can fit him in so if you know any good surgeons in melbourne please let us know. Yhank you sorry about the spelling

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