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I wish you the best, I am 37 and a mom of a 2.5yr old just diagnosed with 3c with 4 lymph nodes involved. You are ahead of me in treatment...I am headed for the Folfox pump within 2 weeks. All I can say is that you will probably do very well. You have a better diagnosis than me and they are fairly confident that although it went to my lymph nodes they can get it with the chemo/radiation. I am so sorry you are so young, and especially sad that you recently lost your mother to cancer - you are too young to have to go through all of this, but I guess cancer has no boundaries. I am very blown away that this is happening to me...I'll eventually get to the acceptance stage. I can't help re your illeostomy q's because although mine was rectal cancer, they were able to just resection with good margins. I am glad to know you have handled chemo well - I hope to be like you in that regard. Stay people tell me, and hopefully you'll find answers from the more experienced folk on here.


I did not have chemo for the rectal cancer but unfortunately a year later I was dx with uterine and falopien tube cancer and had chemo then.

I do not believe the chemo will chance the outcome of the reversal very much. It will take time but you are so young I am sure you will regain control much faster and also more control than older individuals.

Do not get discouraged and keep moving forward. Whenever things get me down I always think of how much worse things could have turned out. I have lost 2 friends to cancer during my recovery and I feel like the lucky one.

Take care and good luck

I just had to respond to your post. I just cant believe how young you are. We are the same age. My mom was diagnosed with Colon/Rectal Cancer in March of 06. They had tried Radiation and Chemo to treat the tumor and try and shrink it before she would have surgery because when they did her Colonoscopy they didn't even have to test it to see if it was Malignant they just knew by the way it looked. She went through treatment for 4 months and prayed it would shrink to prevent the Ostomy. When they took her into surgery they realized that the tumor didnt shrink at all it had gotten bigger and when they tried to remove it, the thing broke apart in her and they had to move around alot to get it. Long story short she ended up with a PERMANENT Ostomy and they had to sew up her rectum. Her bladder was really bruised as well so she had a permanent catheter for 2 years because she had no feeling from the waist down. She had really intense chemo after surgery and she fought really hard. She is wonderful now and she is in remission. Her margines are clear and we pray that it will never come back. She has had the catheter removed and is finaly getting all her feeling back. If GOD FORBID it does return then that will be it...she cant have any more chemo or radiation..she is glowing green as it is. She had Breast cancer as well and had Radiation with that so she has had her limit. I will pray for you and yours. My mom is a 2 time survivor and now you are a SURVIVOR too!

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