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Hello,* I'm 37 and recently diagnosed with IIIC T3 N2 M0 rectal cancer.* I had bleeding in stool that I thought was hemorroids.* Took a long time to get it checked, just thought it was related to having been pregnant, diet etc.* Had colonoscopy 2 weeks ago, they found a mass that ended up to be a 5cm tumor that did go through my wall with 4 of 33 lymph nodes taken out positive.* I will be on Chemo (folfox - 5fu, lucovorin) for 6 months with 2 months radiation w/ 5fu.* My treatment starts in 2 weeks.* I am trying to be positive, but I am afraid of the port with chemo and the side effects.* I need to somehow be an energetic mom, and avoid all of the sickness my preschooler brings home.* I am going to have us wash hands often, and he is in a small daycare, but there are always colds and I'm afraid I'll end up with pneumonia.* Are there any parents of young children dealing with chemo/survival like me?* My husband is wonderful and supportive I don't want this to be too hard on him. My son is my world and we have always been close and have played together.* I am trying to teach him to do much more himself - because that is our job as eventually teach children to be independent.* I just want to hear from other survivors whether parents or not and how they got through it.* Please I need advice.

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