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I'm 42 years old with stage IIIC colon cancer. My husband and I don't have kids so I don't have any advice on that subject. I noticed that you are afraid of getting a port. I wanted you to be aware that having a port isn't a necessity. I don't have one and am doing fine with my infusions. A port is often installed to makes the lives of the nurses and doctors easier without regard to the patient. Many people with ports defend them saying that they don't want their veins ruined. If you have a competent nurse administering the IV and since you are only 37, you may be able to go without it. I have a friend who is 60 years old. He has been getting an infusion every week for over 9 years without a port. It can be done. Another thing worth looking into is XELOX instead of FOLFOX. I go in for a 2 hour infusion of Oxaliplatin every 3 weeks and then take Xeloda tablets every day for two weeks with a week off. According to 3 doctors I consulted, the efficacy of XELOX is the same as FOLFOX but it much easier to deal with. Personally, I'd be miserable with a port hooked up to a fanny pack that I'd have to carry around. Don't tablets sound much easier?? (especially with a young child to take care of.) I just wanted you to be aware that they may be an easier treatment option for you. Please look into it and get additional opinions.

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