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Well, getting nervous, not so much about the prep but the outcome? My mother died at age 62 from a very rare cancer:leiomyosarcoma in the abdomen. I'm 52, and have had numerous medical problems. It seems every time I have a "problem" it requires biopsies and the "waiting game". This past yr have had thyroid issues, nodule biopsy with hurthle cells, but benign? Mammogram: micro calcifications biopsied benign. Rare skin disease: porokeratosis, hysterectomy in my 2o's abnormal cells. Now some rectal bleeding and bloating, pressure in rectum. My mother had many medical issues too. I've informed my surgeon today of my mothers' diagnosis so she can be on alert should anything appear abnormal. I feel a bit assured as I've had 2 colonoscopies, 1st one a hyperplastic polyp, 2nd all ok, 5 yrs ago. What worries me is my mom's cancer was a very aggressive mover. But, she had a polyp about 10yrs prior to her death, heavy heavy bleeding which she ignored. At my insistance she got a gyn physical and they found the mass, 20cm! so this didn't happen overnight! Just wondering how much hereditary influence this may have on me? The doctors had no clue of the origination of her tumor and even sent it to Germany, per her records! later the word Leiomyosarcoma. I truly believe it was the "polyp" and had she went for repeat check ups maybe it would have been caught earlier? From her records she hadn't had a ck up in 4 yrs. Not sure on the colonoscopy checks? but as far as I know it was only done one time. The heavy rectal bleed I witnessed 10 yrs before her death. So, I haven't had big bleeds, just a tinge on the tp a couple times and last yr a bit more in the stool. So anyway, I'm sitting here alone and nervous about tomorrow, I've given the heads up to the doctor and guess that's all I can do at this point? But having too much time on my hands and studying finding out too much association with all I have going on, the skin disease, cysts and thyroid disease etc etc. Well will let you all know after tomorrow!! I will feel so---much better mentally if this issue is ok!!! That's the one thing we do have control over, followups!!!! and boy am I on the follow up campaign! I can't believe people ignore testings! my mom would probably be alive today if she caught it earlier! ( well back to countdown for the 2 pills then on to drinking the lovely orange gallon!) Hugs to all of you!!!

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