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A thin skinny stool could be from the anal sphincter muscle being tight. This can be caused by an anal fissure. I had a fissure at age 22 but never bled and did not have the spasms that usually go along with it. It was just a very tight aggravating muscle that made stools hard to pass.
If this doc does not want to do a colonoscopy, ask for an older friend who is probably old enough to get regular colonoscopies, if they can give you a referal to their colon doc, or look on the internet for a colon specialist in your area. Try to find an someone who is an expert in the field of colon problems.

(bwt, shortly after my resection, I had a lateral internal spinchterotomy to relieve the tightness. Glad I did because I experienced a lot of constipation during my chemo & only had 2 bouts of diarrhea.)


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