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I went to my first appointment with a gastroenterologist today. I am 44. (and was recently diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer. I'm having my hysterectomy next week (that's the only treatment I need, they caught it so early)). Since I've had occasional bleeding with BM and frequent constipation, I decided to see a gastroenterologist before having my surgery.

She wants to do the colonoscopy TOMORROW! I left her office at noon today, my colonoscopy is tomorrow at 2:30! That means I didn't get to eat the yummy mean I had planned for after that appointment.

Now, I get to take dulcolax, magnsium citrate, start the OsmoPrep, and have only clear stuff until after the procedure tomorrow.

The prep-form said no red foods or nuts 5 days before the procedure. Well, last night I had a lovely marinara sauce with pine nuts and red wine. I asked if all of the prep stuff will clear it out of me, they said "maybe."

I am very anxious about this. Stress from the upcoming hysterectomy is bad enough. Now this.

I'm now trying to find someone who can take me, stay, and drive me home after the procedure! Hubby can't do it.

Can someone wave a magic wand and make everything ok?!

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