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i have been in treatment for stage 3 rectal cancer since jan 26, 2007.
i have had 6 weeks of radiation, 9 weeks of oral chemo, j pouch reconstruction surgery which included an ileostomy, a port put in my chest, 6 months of intravenus chemo (including a pump which i wore 3 days every 10 days), a reversal for the ileostomy which went bad and landed me back in duke university hospital flat on my back for 5 weeks, an exploratory surgery resulting in another ileostomy, a perferated artery, which resulted in a blood transfusion and another surgery for the hemotoma the perferation caused. i left the hospital with a second drain, a 12 inch insion and a wound vac. after 2 weeks at home it was discovered i had a perferated colon. the dr. pulled the drain and told me to go home and heal so that i could come back in 6 weeks for the reversal to remove the ilieostomy. i went for my pre op surgery appointment to find out they had to cancel the reversal because the perferation had not healed and to come back in there months for the reversal. oh yea, and two trips to the emergency room.

i go back for another pre op appointment on 8/19 in hopes that i am healed to have the reversal on 8/20. it has been quite a ride.
in the meantime my teeth are in bad shape from the chemo, one broke off the other day. they attribute this to clenching my teeth at night due to stress. i have numb feet and finger tips from the chemo, and a numb thigh from the surgery. i have radiation damage to my vigina, not to mention my thick curly hair has come back thin and straight!

and ya know what? i am doing fine. i am writing today because somedays i just want to tell my story to other cancer patients in hopes that i might have some nugget of information that may help them.

i have a wonderful support team of family, dr's, church and friends. i have learned over these months that many folks do not have this Blessing of support. if you need me i am here.

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