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Hello to all. I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in August of '04, during my first colonoscopy. I was 55 years old (female). The mass and 9 polyps were removed at that time and the dr told me he was "98 % sure he got it all," so I had no further treatment or surgery.I was told that I was either stage 0 or I. I have spent the past 4 1/2 years in constant, very aggressive monitoring, ie:, CT scans, PET scans, 15 colonoscopies, 10 Endoscopies, CEA & blood tests every 3 months. I have had 25 polyps removed, but every 3 months have been assured that all is well. 4 months ago, my CEA started rising rapidly. From 3.3 to now at 12.9. I have been flying from Orlando to Houston to go to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center because I've always heard they are the best. I will cut to the chase here... A biopsy for lung cancer ( in Dec) came back positive for cancer and "most likely" metastatic from rectal cancer. I have now been diagnosed with "Stage IV Recurrent Colo-rectal cancer with distant mets to the lung." I just got my CT scan results from last week and it is shows: "Indeterminate liver lesion, can be followed," AND "Aorotocaval lymph node and perirectal adenopathy of concern for metastatic disease." I had a chemo port installed last Friday and will start chemo on Monday. I was scheduled to have the lower lobe of my right lung removed a week ago, but after the CT scan, it has been "postponed" to see how I react to 6 weeks of chemo and then another CT/PET. I'm trying not to even go into how terrified I am right now. I just do not understand how I could have monitored so aggressively, every 3 months, and have this diagnosis. To me, the last CT report is showing that (most probably) I also have liver mets and rectal lymph node involvement. Could someone please tell me if you agree with my take on the CT report? I have read that I only have an 8% survival rate of 2 years. I know that everyone is different, but I am so very depressed, alone and scared. Thank you for listening. God bless

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