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Most likely your doctor is right. I have so many hemorrhoids from pregnancy and pushing that I have considered surgery. The symptoms you list can very easily be explained by the pregnancy and the fact the baby will be pushing all of your internal lower organs around. Constipation will occur most often in pregnancy and from that straining, hemorrhoids, then more straining leading to bleeding, and so on. Things seem different while carrying a child and the fact you see most of these things when you strain only tells me that it sounds more like effects by the hemorrhoids and your baby.

If after your baby is born you are still worried, go to a GI doctor. I was 28 when I had my first colonoscopy (that is a whole other story), so do not resign yourself to needing to be 50 to get tested. I would guess though, that most of your problems will cease after the baby makes its presentation. Try to get this topic off your mind and more onto the baby as when you finish having your children you will miss these times. Enjoy them and let the worry take a back seat.

Good luck to you and your child.

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