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I have been researching for a month or more and figured I might as well post. I am currently 8 months pregnant, due beginning of October. For a few months I have been having some problems with bowel movements. My first symptom was some blood on the stool itself and a little on the toilet paper. It's never been a lot but concerning to say the least. It has always been bright red. I went to doctor and he said probably hemorrhoids due to pregnancy. I asked him to confirm and so he did a proctoscope and he saw internal hemorrhoids. Not long after that appointment I started noticing thinner stools, mucus on the stool, and sometimes I would go to have a bowel movement and would just have bloody type mucus before the stool. I haven't had any abnormal pain. I asked the doctor at my next appointment for something unrelated about the thin stool and again he wasn't concerned because of the hemorrhoids.
I am 26 years old and never had any problems before like 3-4 months pregnant. My stool is not formed hard balls, it's normal color, just smaller with mucus and blood at times (not all bowel movements have blood and mucus, more when I strain a little, and then a day or two after).
My mom is Stage 4 breast cancer and to be honest, anything that goes wrong with me I instantly tell myself it's probably a bit paranoid! :)
Does anyone have any reassurance that this is more than likely caused by the hemorrhoids and pregnancy and not cancer? I'm under the assumption that there really isn't anymore tests (since proctoscope done) until after pregnancy?

Thank you so much for listening. It's hard feeling like there could be something seriously wrong and not being able to know for sure. Is it a good sign that the doctor did see the hemorrhoids?


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