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I had a right hemicolectomy 5 years ago for Stage III colon cancer with removal of the appendix and ileo-cecal valve and a portion of the terminal ileum. Recovery was uneventful. In the first few months you will find you are making several trips to the bathroom for bms each day. I am back to my pre surgery - once a day bathroom regimen. There is no increased sense of urgency as there might be if the operation had been lower down near the rectum. After a while, your body adjusts to the new situation within the colon. After surgery be sure to start to use stool softeners (with your MD's approval, of course) since straining after any abdominal operation is not a good idea. You should also consider having your appendix removed at the same time. It is an unnecessary organ, located right where your operation will be and this will pre-empt any additional surgery since you can't develop appendicitis if there is no appendix.

Laproscopic surgery is wonderful. I had traditional surgery, was opened up from groin to bra line, 5 day hospital stay and several weeks to heal. My husband just had a laproscopic partial nephrectomy. He was released after 2 days with a couple of tiny thumb nail size incisions covered by steri-strip bandaids and much less pain than a full size incision would occur. Also, if not on pain meds, he can resume driving one week after surgery! I had to wait 4-5 weeks.

Good luck on your surgery

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