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My story starts literaly over night. I awoke feeling great, by that evening I was having what I thought were PMS cramps, my body ached, after a week of this I went to see the doc. he ran some blood test on me (arm) and everything came back fine, no signs of infection, sent me home with some motrin and told me to rest. Two weeks later I am back in his office, still having some mild cramping, pms feelings, period has come and gone, and now some bright red blood in some very loose stool. This time he schedules me for a pelvic and sends me home with a FOBT. Four days later I return the test and have the pelvic. The pelvic comes up clean but the FOBT came back possitive for he schedules me for a colonoscopy witch I am having next week.
I am 40 years old and very rarly get sick with anything, an occasional cold but thats about it. I was fine one day and later in the eveing everything came on at once! I only have cramping it seems when I need to have a BM and when I do have one its pink, red and very loose, sometimes normal stools. Once I relive myself everything is fine. I have been having issues with body aches, neck and legs very sore, I eat fine have not lost weight at all. I am scared of the possibility of Cancer, I have two young girls and want to see them grow up. Cancer runs in my family but not Colon Cancer. Any help anyone could give me would be wonderfull.:confused:

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