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Please help!!!
Nov 20, 2008
Well seems how no one is replying to my post on the Digestive Boards. I've tried WebMD health board and here and got no replies...I'm feeling completely alone and I don't like this feeling it's scary enough without having anyone understanding what I'm going thru. Well I been spitting up blood so I went to the doctor he told me my hernia is causing the bleeding and told me I have severe anemia and put me on 3 medications for the hernia & 3 medications for the severe anemia. But then I had to go back again on Monday cause I started spitting up blood again and I was bleeding out my rectum as well when I'd pass a bowel movement and been passing blood clots as well & sometimes the pain can get really severe like I'm passing fire out my rectum and it stays sore all the time now. I know it could be hemmrhoids but what concerns me is usually hemmrhoids go away after about hmm a week I think but this has stayed longer and the clots I've been passing have been getting bigger & I just got my period as well so I'm worried I"m not gonna be able to tell if I'm still bleeding there or how much. :( He scheduled me for a endoscopy for this coming Tuesday to check out my throat and stomach. He didn't seem concerned about my rectal bleeding...he asked me how many gallons of blood I'm passing and I said it's not gallons but it's a lot then he just didn't say anything so I think after I find out what's wrong with my stomach after a month or two I'll go back to clinic and get a different doctor and find out why I've been bleeding. Should I be going in for a Colonoscopy screening as well? Any idea what could be causing these problems? Any info would be great...

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