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Hey everyone, I just wanted to post on here,,,have to tell someone about this. My ex and I have been best friends for years, then we decided to date a year ago but had to break things off due to financial issues and the like. Well last friday she went into the hospital with chest pain and found she has stage 4 colon cancer, liver and pancreas as well.

The doctors believe that she has had colon cancer since she was 11 to 13 years old which is absolutely unbelievable! Her grandfather had colon cancer but their doctors never advised that they all get checked regularly. She is having her first chemo tonight, actually right now.

Anyone who meets this young woman would immediately fall in love with her, we met at a kid's summer camp as counselors some years back and I have been in love with her ever since. She works as a waitress for Red Robin and has many friends and customers that care for her dearly.

But you would be amazed to her reaction of learning this dire news!!! Everyone at the hospital loves her and she has such a positive attitude it brings a tear to my eye and I believe that she is going to make it through all of this.

Her work, both the restaurant here and the one in another city are raising money to pay off her car for her and pay her bills so that the family doesn't struggle through all of this!!! It is so very sad that she has to go through this at such a young age, even at all in her life; this world would be less of a place without her constant smile and laughter.

Earlier today when I heard her talking to a nurse, she said, "I have cancer." when the nurse was looking over her sheets. The nurse said, "oh I'm sorry, dear," but she replied, "It's okay though, because I'm going to beat it because I know karate!" She is such a shining beacon in my life and I wish her the best through it all.

The doctors have mentioned here though they think she is one of the first cases to have colon cancer at such a young age though I am not too sure of that fact. Please keep her in your prayers and I will update on her beating this as it happens!
Thanks for reading.

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