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I think it is safe to say if there is a smudge of blood on the toilet paper when you wipe either a: your anus is raw from the loose bowel movements and it is bleeding a tad from a tear or fissure or b: you have a hemorrhoid that you may not be aware of but it is there and with the looser stools it has inflammed and irritated the area therefore making it bleed some. If you were talking frank blood in the toilet that tainted the water to red or at least some significant bleeding I would be more concerned. But, as it is it sounds like nothing more than either of those two things. I would try changing my diet and using some Preparation H along with some moist wipes to clean myself as this will lead to less bleeding from irritation. The harder the toilet paper the more uncomfortable this will be. Relax, I have blood sometimes on the tissue as well when I am sick or my IBS flares, but honestly it is nothing.

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