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How about Miralax? It is new and relatively tasteless, Has anyone tried the Miralax and is so with what results?
I was not aware they were using Miralax as a prep per say. Not that they couldn't be, I just have never heard of it. It is usually used as just a laxative and used to be prescription only. I have used it myself and my sons as well who are still very small at 5 and 7. I still have their original prescritption bottle of it before it was open market. Right now there is huge controversey on preps as some are being asked for black box labels due to their complications to the kidneys and etc. I have used Osmoprep pills, GoLitely, Fleets Phospha Soda, Magnesium Citrate, etc. I have had no adverse reactions from any except I will never ever do the Golitely or Halflitely again due to the amount they want you to consume. I won't drink a gallon of salt water, sorry. The GoLitely and HalfLitely are what most doctors want you to use and are on the safe list for as safe as they can be for a drug. The others I listed besides the Magnesium Citrate or up for debate as they are the ones under scrutiny at the moment. I personally thought the pills were easy, but did not clean out properly. So next time (which is in Feb) I will go back to the Fleet's Phospha Soda for myself. It is 1.5 fl oz in one glass of gingerale. I can handle that. I think this might be something to discuss with your doctor if you have any health conditions, but this is what I prefer as it is the easiest to get down.
I am sitting here having just finished the Miralax for the prep followed by 4 pills of Durolax. I must say this was the best as far as taste, I put it in Gatorade as the dr said and all I could taste for the Gatorade. My procedure is 11 tomorrow.
I used the Miralax prep for my last test in May of 08. It was, BY FAR, the easiest of any prep I have done. I was cleaned out by 8-9pm and slept the entire night. The only thing I wish the dr's office would have warned me about was the quick effect of the Ducolax pills I took at 1pm (2). I was planning on working the entire day but needed to leave as it kicked in within an hour.

I have tried the gallon of salt water, the all pills prep (did not clean thoroughly although the prep itself was easy), and the Fleet prep. I am thankful the Miralax prep is now available. I didn't taste a thing and alternated between Gatorade and Ginger Ale to get it all down.

Good Luck!

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