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Hi JeanUSA. I don't know if this will help or not but my sister had a colonoscopy in October and they found a polyp. They removed it and it was cancerous. They told her it was Stage I cancer. Which means that it has not really gone anywhere else in the body. It has not broken through the colon wall or gone to any lypmh nodes. She has surgery a few weeks ago and is doing great. They removed eight inches of intestine and some lymph nodes in the area. Everything came back clean or cancer free. If you are curious about cancer staging you can go to The American Cancer website at [url][/url]. It is confusing how they rate cancers. I hope all goes well for your loved one.

Hi Annie, That is great news about your sister. DH is going in today for surgery, his surgeon does seem optismist as my sister (doctor). I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the very best. I just have to learn to be patient (not my best quality). Thanks so much for posting and that website.
Best to all of you and yours for 2009 . :)

I am a cancer survivor. I had stage 3 colon cancer. I had one lymph node that tested postive along with the polyp that was cancerous. Stage 4 usually involves cancer invading an organ. My oncologist explained this in debt to me. Sometimes they find out more during an operation. You want to choose a Dr that will sit and explain everything to you. Also seek a second opinion. Sometimes info you find on line is misleading. Good luck to you

I would like to thank all who responding to my questions. Update and great news. Doctor removed all the cancer, nothing in the lymph nodes or outside the wall and all his vital organs in great shape. In fact the doctor is not recommending any chemo but just to be sure we will go for a second opinion in Boston.

I wish everyone the best of luck and my prayers are always with you. :angel:

Thanks a million

Jeanusa :wave:
JeanUsa, Glad to hear the good news. It sounds like my sisters situation. Cancer is such a scary word. You immediately panic when you hear it. My family is no stranger to this disease. Both my parents died from cancer. And now my sister and I have had experiences with it. I am glad that we were here to help you.
Hi Annie, Thanks again, and you sure are correct at saying what a "scary" word it is..

Thanks again


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