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[QUOTE=denise1956;3846801]hello. i have been in treatment for rectal cancer and had a temporary iliostomy. one day i found a lump around the stoma. it was a hernia. this may be what you have. hernia's are comman from surgeries and also around stomas. my dr repaired the hernia when i had the iliostomy closed.
check with your dr. i hope things go well for you. there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

Thanks so much Denise. You know at first it felt like there was some swelling directly above/across and also below the stoma. Now there is nothing except for a small portion on the upper left hand side (directly above the stoma) that feels a slight puffy. I do however have some problems from the medication a hospital dr. prescribed called Cleocin and I had become irritated from the stool getting onto the skin. I see my surgeon today so I will have him check. The last visit (which was last week). He checked all around, lie down, sit up, turn your head and cough while examining the area and he didn't feel anything. Then as I wrote above via my changes of the appliance I noticed that there wasn't anything there, except just that one small area I noticed this morning. So, I am most certainly looking for that light...

Thank you with all of my heart for taking the time to respond to me. I hope perhaps I can help or comfort you or others in some way.

Lord Bless.

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