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Is the blood mixed in with the stool or is it just on the paper when you're wiping? [/QUOTE]

just on the paper, and sometimes a little red in the toilet water. i never actually see the blood mixed in with the stool though.


Do you ever have to have a bowel movement which wakes you up from sleep? Do you ever feel like having a bowel movement but sit on the toilet and nothing comes out (this is when you are NOT constipated). [/QUOTE]

I never had a bowel movement that woke me up from sleep. as for feeling like having a bowel movement and nothing coming out (while not being constipated) it only happened recently on the 9th of this month.


Also, which nationality are you? Is there anyone in your familiy who has inflammatory bowel disease (i.e. Crohn's or Ulcerative colitis?)[/QUOTE]

i am Caucasian, Hispanic, and Pacific Islander. asked my parents if anyone in the family had any bowel diseases and they said "not that they know of".

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