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[QUOTE=trembljj;3849142]Please make sure to supplement your colo with a stool based DNA test that is offered for $200 and is covered by many insurance companies up to $130 and take this every two years. It is sad when we are told that the GOLD standard for CRC screening is not nearly as effective as your gastro would like you to believe. Within 10 years, colonscopies will ONLY be used for surgery and stool based DNA will be over 90% accurate for a sliver of the cost.[/QUOTE]

I have had one colonoscopy and there were several polyps found and one was huge. They were benign, but up until I had the procedure, we didn't know they were there and how long they had been there.

I have quite a family history of cancer, and I am grateful that my Gyn had the foresight to refer me to a gastro before the age of 50.

If in 10 years the stool based DNA becomes the gold standard then great, but for right now colonoscopys have saved many lives. Like anything else, the practice of medicine evolves and new discoverys are made every day, that being said, I'm sure that there is a reason why colonoscopys are still primarily used for the detection and prevention of CRC.

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