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Colon Stent
Mar 4, 2009
Has anyone experienced a colon stent and if so for how long?

I recently learned I have Stage IV Colon Cancer, and CT and PET scans indicate mets to the liver and bladder. Because of heart problems I am on blood thinners and this rules out surgery, at least for the time being. Thus a colon stent was inserted to relieve a left side colon blockage (tumor).

Prior to the procedure I was experiencing heavy bleeding during bowel movements, (aggravated by blood thinners) enough to require a transfusion, infrequent cramps, occasional pencil sized stools, occasional blood streaked normal size stools, and 3-4 partial movements a day.

After the procedure, I realized immediate relief from loss of blood during bowel movements. I can eat more or less anything I want while taking a Colace capsule (stool softener) daily. On the minus side, for the first two weeks after the procedure, I experienced the urge for frequent trips to the toilet (hourly) and seldom felt entirely relieved, and then for only a few minutes at a time. This has eased off and I am back to 4-5 movements per day. The gas cramp like pains continue, usually after supper and more so upon laying down at night, some nights worse than others, but thus far not bad enough for pain medication. This too has lessened somewhat over time and I find sleeping flat on my back helps.

I had a colonoscopy in 2005. Other than the removal of a couple of benign polyps all looked fine. Now, from that picture to this in 3.5 years is something of a shock. Yet, I would continue to stress the importance of colon exams, especially for anyone with the symptoms I have described.

Because of age, heart disease, diabetes and other miscellaneous health issues I have decided not to go for chemo radiation treatment. My wife and daughter are very supportive and I am grateful they have accepted my decision as it has given me peace of mind.

My thoughts are with all of you and I hope each of you can find some peace in these most troubling times of your lives.



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