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did you get your results yet?
I didn't even try to answer your question regarding the measurment.
I'm pretty sure they were commenting on the "size" of the mass itself.

I'm sure you're busy with the aftermath of all the stuff that is going on in your life right now. I'm hope you're ok and that the mass is not a malignancy.

don't be nervous about the prep or the colonoscopy, but I can understand your worries if you've never had one before. everyone has different experiences, and I'd say it depends on the doctor and how he wants the prep done. I worked in an office for gastro doctors and two of the dr's ordered their preps different.
for instance, one dr wouldnt' allow anything by mouth in the morning of the colonscopy even if the test was to be performed later in the afternoon.
where as, the other dr. WOULD allow liquids, like a cup of BLACK coffee, or juice, but only before 6am. nothing afterward.
the day before your exam is when you're supposed to stop eating any foods that solid. you can have jello, but not red jello, you can have icepops, but no red icepops, you can have gatorade, juices, icetea, clear broth soup with absolutely no particles of food in it.
depending on the time of your exam the next day, you're supposed to drink or take the laxative two times. either once at night, then the 2nd dose in the morning of the exam. or two bottles at night and nothing to drink the next morning. It all depends on the doctor and it depends on the time of your exam.
I do recommend that even days before the prep to try and not eat anything too heavy for your stomach to get it ready for a cleansing period. try to avoid meats and greasy fried foods, etc.
Only because of the constant running to the bathroom because it will irritate your bottom area. I read somewhere that a person suggested we rub a little ointment like vaseline to help protect that sensitive area so it doesn't become burnt from the acids when we're cleansing.
it makes you go to the bathroom multiple times. just when you think you're done running to the bathroom every five minutes, you have to go again!
towards one point of the cleansing, it will be literally like water coming out of you. this is why they suggest you try to eat light foods and nothing heavy so that the cleansing is smoother on your system.
I wish I had read that article before I had my prep and exam 3 yrs ago.
the woman who wrote the article did it very well and suggested good things.

You also have to stop taking certain medications before the exam, unless it's blood pressure med's or heart medication and or diabetic.
no asprin allowed, only tylenol for pain. NO blood thinning agents.

then the day of the exam, you will feel a little weak and your blood pressure will be alittle low because of dehydration from the cleansing. sometimes the laxative's that are taken are high in sodium which cause you to become even more dehydrated. they used to tell the patient to take two small bottles of fleet phospho soda, but I JUST found out last week that they don't use it anymore due to the fact it caused renal failure in some people, because when you take this solution, you're advised to drink copious amounts of water because of the sodium content and some people weren't doing it. which in turn caused renal failure. I was shocked.
because in the past doctors used to use these huge bottles of golitely, or how ever you spell it,, but when i was working, they switched it to an easier laxative, something smaller in quantity where a person could at least tolerate the taste and amount without making you gag trying to get the next glass down.
the soda solution was only approx. 3 tablespoons the most mixed into a glass of either water or juice. Now I'm told to take "mirilax" which I'm used to using in the past anyway for my chronic constipation problem, plus I was given a couple pills that are a laxative to take for my prep. I was also given the same instructions I told you about in the above paragraphs.

It's really not bad at all, and if I were to chose out of the two, either the "prep" or the "colonoscopy", I'd say the colonoscopy is the lesser of the two.

as I stated before, each doctor is different. My dr I worked for kept the patient awake, yes, he kept me awake during the procedure, which was only uncomfortable at a point when he was going around a certain point in my bowels, it made me panic and I made him give me more pain medicine.
he called me a baby when we got back to the office and said i was his only patient who needed more medication. I was mad at him for teasing me like that. LOL but he meant every word of it. he took pride in himself for having to use such a low dose of medication on his patients.
then when I had to have the next colonoscopy, i had his associate give me the exam and he was much better. he put me out totally. what a difference.

some patients are afraid to go under so they're the ones that get to stay awake during the procedure but they're made very comfortable. it does not hurt at all.
even when they do a biopsy, you can't feel it.
I got to see on the screen what it looked like inside my intestines. It was very interesting. the bowels look very shiny and squeaky clean. I didn't expect it to look like that inside at all.

I had a polyp which wound up being the less dangerous polyp. there are different ones. some more aggressive than others which means the patient would have to have more frequent exams. I have to have them every 3 yrs.

also, I found out that if a person uses laxatives a lot, it can discolor the inside walls of the intestines. it pigments it like a dark brownish color,which is called "melanosis coli". Early studies suggested that anthranoid laxatives might have carcinogenic activities, but have since changed that theory.
they used to think this condition (melanosis) was an increased risk to colon cancer due to cellular changes.
I had it through out my intestines, but never abused laxatives.
I used a solution once that consisted of a bottle of pills that was purchased in a health food store that said it was all natural. Hummmh..... I began to wonder if this stuff was safe anymore?
so I stopped using it.
I hope i was able to relieve some of your worries about the prep and the exam itself. You can either have it performed in the dr's office or at an ambulatory surgical unit, (same day surgery unit). you have to stay there alittle while till the medication wears off and then you can leave. BUT, you MUST have someone take you home. they will not under any conditions let you go home on your own. Our dr wouldn't even permit the patient to have a cab take them home. they're very strict about that.
they don't let you go to work that day. you can go the next day. you will feel weak, well I did anyway. because of the dietary regimine and then having the diahrea ontop of that.
oh, they also hook you up to an i.v. drip of saline to make sure you're well hydrated before your exam.
I'll stop writing now, I PROMISE.

good luck on your upcoming exam and hope it all goes well for you.

I hope to hear back from you after you have yours to let us know how it went.
I'm also hoping to hear back from Yeatman.

HI Bearcubs,
believe it or not, it took me this long to reply back to you too because my email site put's my healthboard replies into my spam section!!!! I don't know how to undo this problem. do you?
I want to be kept in touch with when people reply to me. I'm so sorry.

Tomorrow is your apptn. which means you'll be doing your prep today for tomorrows test. right?
what type of cleansing agent did they tell you to use?

guess what? My colonoscopy is the day after yours. This coming Friday at 1:00 pm.
I wanted earlier, but it took a whole month to even get this apptn.. so I took the next availability. they are so booked up! This is the office I used to work for, but the dr. I worked for has retired since then.

I am told to use "mirilax" plus he gave me 4 tabs of "ducolax".
I don't mind that I'll be in the rest room for a good many hours on and off, but I"m bothered more by the fact we have to have the light diet prior to exam and day of. I already have a problem with low blood sugar attacks, so I'll have to make sure i don't eat just ice pops and jello which has a high sugar content. LOL
I didn't have any heavy meals yesterday and won't today either so that the cleansing process won't be so harsh tomorrow and morning of test.

Did you do the same this week?

I wish I could cancel the apptn. it's just too much for me right now mind wise.
I'm not doing so well physically and I'm still losing weight, and just not feeling myself. I barely have the energy to get anything done anymore.
the pain in my joints is unbearable lately. my mind is foggy like when you get a fever, but I dont' have a fever. it's strange.......
I have so many different drs' I have to go to within the next month that I find it all mind boggling. it's easier to just not do anything, but I know I have to get to the root of the problem rather than just taking medication after medication.
I don't like having to take med's. and like to avoid if possible.

I hope your exam goes well for you and that the doctor doesn't find anything wrong. I am proud of you for getting this done. my own sister who's age 65 refuses and keeps delaying to get her suggested colonoscopy performed.
especially with the cancer history she has personally.
I TOLD her there's nothing to it. it's mainly the prep that's more of an inconveince than anything.

Let us know how everything went bearcubs.

Best wishes,

Hi Elaine,
You are so sweet and compassionate. I felt your hug through the internet. LOL
I LOVE hugs. My sister won't let me hug her and all the ladies at work tease her by MAKING her hug them back. She had a tough childhood which in turn affected her as an adult.
not me. I'm a lover by nature.
I feel you are too. It makes the world a better place to live in with loving, kind hearted people, doesn't it?

you went through a breast scare too?? how horrible for you. I haven't met a woman every that wasn't nervous before they found out their answer.

I dreamt that the dr. told me something was found on the MRI.

the next day is when I heard her actually telling me what I dreamt and it was sort a blur to me because she said it all so fast because she was in a rush to get to the next patient.
when I was told there was something there that was suspious, It confirmed the feeling I had that there was something there because of what I was feeling in breast exam that I never felt before. I am on HRT now since 2005 and was told by my breast surgeon that we're supposed to stop it at 3 yrs. my gyno never told me this.
do woman in menopause still get alot of bumps even though they're not cycling anymore? I never felt my breast so dense like this before. was you're dense too? how did you find yours?

I can't live without my estrogen. the symptoms of menopause are too horrible for me to handle and made me very sick.
so I refuse to give it up unless I wind up having an actual malignancy, THEN and only then will I give it up if I"m told to.

I jsut want to get this over with, that's all. I don't think I have a malignancy like I first thought. for some reason I'm not worried about it. I just want to get the darn ultra sound over with so I know whether I need the biopsy or not.

guess what the dr wound up giving me for the prep?
it's called "osmoprep/visicol tablets.
I never heard of it before.
there's 40 pills that have to be taken.
20 today and 20 tomorrow.
you have to take them within a span of every 15 minutes till they're all gone and you have to consume as MUCH liquid you can stand.
last pill on both days have to be taken with one glass of ginger ale for some reason.
thank you for your well wish luck.
I'm going to need it. LOL
talk to you tomorrow after the test or better yet, the following morning. I"m sure I wont' be up to getting on the computer when I get back from the procedure.
I'll be thinking of you too Elaine.
I've built up a fondness to you here on the forum.
have a great day hon.

bye for now,


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