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Need some hope...
Mar 24, 2009
Last month, I started to get a stomach ache...not terrible but annoying. The next day it was worse and by evening, the pain had gotten so bad I went in to the emergency. After a 6 hour wait, I finally saw a dr. The pain was across my entire stomach but the worst pain was on the upper right side. She told me that most likely it was my appendix and said they would do a ct scan in the morning to make sure. The next morning another dr came in and said that the pain was too high for it be my appendix and it was probably diverticulitis. They sent me for the CT scan and started me on antibiotics. I was in the hospital for a week, saw many drs and as far as I knew I had diverticulitis. The 5th day in, a new dr came in and asked me if I was aware of what was going on. I told him I was told I had diverticulitis and once the infection was cleared up, they would do a colonoscopy to verify that diagnosis. He told me no, that was not what the issue was. He said that they had seen a mass but with all the infection they could not be certain what it was exactly and that it could very likely be cancer. I was in total shock. When I saw the surgeon again (who told me it diverticulitis), I asked him about this other dr and his telling me about this mystery mass. The surgeon told me that my symptoms did not present as colon cancer typically would and that I shouldn't be concerned about that. Two weeks went by, the pain is long gone, infection is cleared up and I went in for a follow up with the surgeon. He explained to me that diverticulitis is generally in the lower left and it was very unusual to see it cause such an infection in the area I had it. He had originally said he would send me for a colonoscopy but instead he now wants me to have a barium enema. Unfortunately the earliest I can have that done is April 24th. So, rather than sleep (which I can't seem to do much of these day), I have been scouring the internet looking for information. It is confusing to me because so many symptoms I see for colon cancer are very much like the symptoms for diverticulitis yet the dr told me it didn't present like cancer. I have had blood in my stool, thin stools (not pencil thin but definitely thinner than normal for me and they are not consistently thin), constipation, diarrhea, all things I find for both conditions. I have not lost weight at all...not even when I have intentionally been trying to over the last 6 months. I do not feel nauseous or have cramping other for one day each month about 2 weeks before my period. There is no obvious lump that I can feel in my stomach. There is no family history of colon cancer in my family. They did lots of blood work, took stool samples, etc in the hospital and everything came back okay. What are the chances that this would be cancer? I know there is no magic answer here and only further testing will give me the diagnosis...I guess I am just hoping for some reassurance that maybe it isn't the worst case scenario.

Sorry for such a long post. I am just so worried. I have 2 young children who only have myself and my husband to count on and my husband's health is already compromised with Crohn's disease.

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