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Over the past 8 days I've had blood dripping from my anus three times of six or seven times I've gone to the washroom to defecate.

The first time I noticed this was when I had a bowel movement that was rather hard + fast, basically a harder than normal stool came out really fast so it felt like there was a little tear, then I looked in the toilet and saw blood dripping and the toilet paper was covered in blood. A day later the same thing happened minus the hard stool, my stools are usually cardboard brown and come out like toothpaste... I figured the tear hadn't healed yet and that it tore again... the next few times I defecated there was no blood and everything was normal.

Now today I noticed the same thing but for the past few days there was no blood (today I did a lot of walking around). My stool is healthy and is not stained in blood, the blood looks like it is coming from near the entry to the rectum but I'm not sure because I can't see any exterior tears.

What do you think this is? I'm a healthy 22 year old male (or maybe i'm not so healthy now that i'm bleeding from my anus.. heh) with no past medical history other than colds and I had the flu once, I'm 163 pounds and 6 feet tall (perfect BMI).
I should note that during the shower I felt up around my rectum to see if it hurt at all and it burned around the right between my outer anus and rectum... so I think it might have torn because my ass hole is pretty tight. lol.
It sounds like you might have a slight tear like an anal fissure or a internal hemorroid.
Both of them will bleed if irritated by straining and hard stools.
If the blood is bright red, it is fresh blood.
You need to start getting your stools softer so that whatever you have got can start healing, it can take a few weeks to heal.
Sitting in warm baths after each bowel movement can ease the irritation.
If you look at the threads in the Bowel Disorder section on this site, there is a lot of good advice from people there that will help you.
Take care
Re.: bleeding from anus.
This is more a new contribution than an answer. I'm unsure of how else to add to this thread.
My wife's bleeding seems random unaffected by consistency of stool.
She does not suffer from cancer but a hereditary neurology and is now wheelchair dependent, hence she now has type 2 diabetes as she can't exercise.
I am new to so I did try searching the 'bowel disorder' thread but it is huge, including sleepless items. Can't the search engine be more focussed?
Over the last two weeks my wife has had serious bleeding from, we think, her anus. Most times there is no stool, just blood, but often the blood is so dark it is difficult to tell. Toilet pper is stainedbright red when incidents happen.
The problem is intermittent, sometimes no blood at all.
It is hard for my wife to transfer to an examination 'table' so often never gets a full exam when visiting doctor or consultant. Although the idea of sitting in a warm bath of water would appeal we don't have a bath just a 'wet' room in which my wife uses a shower chair. She can't shower unaided.
I am my wife's full time carer, although she has another in the morning to give her a shower and get dressed.
From Richard142.
good morning.
there is nothing worse then the unknown. get tested and find out for sure where the blood is coming from. i went to the dr after similiar bleeding and the outcome was not good. please get tested and set your mind at ease.

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