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Hey everyone. Hope all is well.
I just wanted to stop by and ask a few questions. Maybe, someone out there will know...
Well, like I said, I'm 30 years old.
Since December, of last year, I have been having on and off again pain in the right side of my body only.
It hurts underneath my rib cage, down my side, and on the right hand side of my back.
I've had a HIDA Scan done, for gall stones, and I do not have gall stones.
I've also had an abdominal ultrasound and X-ray done and that came out fine.
Now, I have been referred to a Gastroenterologist and he may want a colonoscopy done.
Well, the pain is intense. Sometimes, it feels like tearing, ripping, twisting pain. One time, it almost knocked the air out of me because it hurt so bad.
With that said, the first couple of times it happened, it was after physical activity. But, now it's happening without it...but, just barely....
I dont know what else it is.
But, I've also had a problem with a month and two weeks, of abnormal vaginal bleeding and I dont know if they are connected. I do have Polycystic Ovaries and I have an OG/GYN apt. as well; this week.
(The abnormal vaginal bleeding has been occurring for the past three years!)
(I'm sure I'll go through tons of testing.)
In any case, I've had blood work done, abdominal ultrasounds and X-Rays done, an endometrial biopsy done, pap smears, pelvic exams....everything is normal.
So, I dont know....
Do my symptoms match up with colon or rectal cancer? (I've also had bleeding, from the anus, and an itchy anus as well. I've also had constipation, sometimes thin stools, sometimes normal-looking stools and they are dark brown to light brown in color. One time, I had green stool. Anyway, sometimes I have mooshy stool and sometimes thick stool; not thin stool. I also have little balls of stool. But, my stools have always been like this; even having blood in the toilet and on the toilet paper. As a teenager, I can remember time when I had blood and my mom would tell me that I would wipe to hard. So, I dont know.
I know it's more than that now. And so I'm afraid and was wondering if my pain could be associated with cancer? Does anyone know?

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