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:o:Hello everyone,

This is very embarrassing but everytime I have a bowel movement out pops something and when I wipe it bleeds and I have to manually push it back in. I have had this for years and have had colonoscopy's done on a regular basis (every 3 to 5 years) according to doctors orders. My last colonoscopy was Dec 2006. My doctor has told me over and over again that they are just skin tags on the inside that come out and they are fine. I did have one polyp that was removed and came back fine. Now for the new thing. Just today after my bowel movement same scenario but now water was red with blood. You can tell when I wiped that it is coming from those skin tags. I push it back up and no problems. I am never in pain, only if they do not go back up. My doc knows that they bleed and all of this except for the blood in the toilet. I am calling monday to make an appt. Any ideas out there to calm my mind that this is not rectal cancer. Or anyone else with similar problems sure would be nice to hear from.

Thank You


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