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right where it feels like there's a this considered rectal pain?
hurts to sit sometimes-feels like it does if you've sat on a hard surface too long. no pain when walking.
anybody experience just this as symptom? and not have it be a constant pain?
I wish I could give you some answers. I've had some problems in that general area, but not the same as what you are experiencing.

I feel like I'm pretty much a novice in this area, but I would think you could consider that rectal pain. I had an adhesion causing problems to the left of where you are describing and my doctor used the word rectal when describing it.

Do bowel movements have any effect on the symptoms?

- Nancy
Was it cancer? Did the discomfort bother u all the time or off and on?
Well, got back from the GI today. He's scheduling a colonoscopy for me (has been 4 yrs with a clean one last time-just to recheck my UC) in 2 weeks. He told me that he doesn't think i should worry about the tailbone discomfort since it does go away with massage. He told me that it would be with me all the time. Also, he doesn't think something would be there after only 4 years since my last test-possible polyp but not a tumor or something that would be causing my tailbone to be the way it is. it's like i just got off a bike (which i did ride over the 4th of July) but surprised it's still bothering me.
will be at peace once i get an "all clear" after the test on 7/27 though.
I'm glad the doctor was able to alleviate some concerns, but I know just what you mean about not feeling completely at peace until you get the all-clear on the colonoscopy. I'm glad the doctor went ahead and scheduled it for you rather than trying to brush it off.

In answer to your question, the rectal problem I had wasn't cancer. I have adhesions in my abdomen from prior surgeries and one of the adhesions was attached to that area and pulling.

Best wishes on the test and try not to worry too much while you are waiting.

- Nancy

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