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I've been having abdominal problems for months, but couldn't get much help without medical insurance. The insurance has just kicked in.

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in my teens. As luck would have it, the doctor who treated my grandfather's fatal colon cancer stepped in to do my appendectomy when my doctor wasn't available. Knowing the family history, he was aggressive when he saw the suspicious tissue and he got all the disease removed during that surgery. Since my initial diagnosis, I've had several pre-cancerous polyps removed. I've also had issues with endometriosis on my colon and abdominal adhesions that have caused partial bowel blockages.

Given the symptoms I'm having, I'm feeling really terrified. I know it is so easy to over-react, so I was hoping I might be able to get some input from someone who is less biased. ;)

Symptoms (going on for months)
[*]Abdominal swelling / distension...very noticable to others
[*]sharp pulling/ripping pain in upper left corner of abdomen and lower right corner of abdomen (constant, with spikes)
[*]Sudden onsets of bad abdominal pain that causes vomiting or unconsciousness
[*]feeling of needing to have bm but being unable to
[*]constipation lasting as long as two weeks
[*]very thin bowel movements
[*]pain before/during/after bowel movement
[*]dark blood-looking matter on stool (only once was it a very significant amount and no hemeroids were detected)
[*]back pain
[*]trying to use magnesium citrate causes a sharp increase in pain, but no bowel movement. I wait about 36 hours and try another dose and it will finally kick in within about a day
[*]easy bruising
[*]blood cell count off - can't remember numbers...I think they were too high

That's kind of the major stuff.

I've got a colonoscopy scheduled in a while. I'm extra nervous about it because the doctor doing it misdiagnosed me a little over a decade ago.

Any advice or ideas? Am I worrying myself needlessly?


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