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I want to just say this in reply to your response. First, thank you for your information. I will stay vigilant to any changes. I actually was prepped for a colonoscopy so if the GI doctor had found anything in the 60cm he inspected, he could continue on. From my understanding a change in stool shape would be caused somewhere in the descending colon, sigmoid, or rectum because that is where the stool is in solid form. In the transverse colon and ascending colon it is more liquidy and would just flow around any blockage that my be there. However, I realize that was not the case for you, Ron.

Also, I am only 31 with no family history of colon cancer. I understand that age and family Hx do not necessarily rule out colon cancer, as many people can still get it at my age. I think the doctor performed the test that he felt was best given my situation. I have to trust that now.

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