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hi i dont really want to post a massive essay on all my health issues so i'll try to be as quick as possible. i had a colonoscopy on the 1st august and they found nothing abnormal except white spots in rectal area no one in that room knew what they were and said they had never seen them before which got me panicked anyway i am still awaiting the results of the biopsies taken ( which takes forever in the uk) so my first question is has anybody ever had these white spots brought up on a colonoscopy? if so what are they? and my next questions is actually quite dusgusting i have had some toilet issues since the procedure and have been struggling to complete a BM. anyway i managed today to go on properly and it was loose again dark brown but with big black lumps?????? i did not much like the idea of having to fish around in there so i didnt bother i must say i cannot say whether i ahve ahd the same or similar issue before as i never tend to look just happened to check today by chance and im worried now even more so than before any help or advice or even brutal honesty would help at the minute i hate being stuck in limbo and i have a terrible gut feeling that the look the specialist endoscopy guy gave me was not good but i may be paranoid please anything that may help pplease post sorry about the detailed events of my BM

kim x

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