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Yes, there are other ways but you certainly need to run them by your doctor. I assume they're recommending Golytely? My regime included 2 20-oz. bottles of Magnesium Citrate and 4 Dulcolax tablets, which I considered far more manageable. The Mag citrate has a salty/citrus/sweet taste (they use artificial sweeteners) and is a little fizzy. You need to wash it down with plenty of water but that gets rid of the taste in your mouth! There are also a few prepared prep kits (Fleet has one) and one regime with Miralax recommended by a doc I didn't use.

Talk to your doctor or the nurse- this is something I planned to investigate before my next test anyway. BTW, I was on liquids for only one day before. The whole process didn't work completely but they were able to finish it off by "flushing" things out just before the test. My feeling is that any method ought to be acceptable to your doc as long as it gets the job done and presents no hazard to your health.
my 1st time I had the disgusting fleet phosphosoda and swore I'd never do it again.
Fortunately, I'm doing the miralax and dulcolax, as we speak and it is great!!! Very easy to get down mixed with my favorite peach snapple-I am floating right now-waiting for the explosion,
[QUOTE=younggranny;4084141]okay lets see if i have this right..i'm going to call my doctor and see if i can take 4 ducolax tablets and miralax, how much miralax? I will be having my colonoscopy at 7am so when would i start this procedure...can i get the tablets and miralax over the counter or do i need a prescription for it...this way sounds much better than drinking all that golytely..[/QUOTE]

well unfortunately, I'm going to have to do a repeat of mine in a couple months as my clean out wasn't good. Mine is just for screening purposes and it's my second. The miralax and dulcolax worked but I think because I'm constantly constipated
(or as my doc says I'm FOS)
because of taking meds for chronic pain I'm gonna need a 2 day cleanout.
Certainly, ask your doctor before you self prescribe, but the combo of the 2 is much easier and less painless than drinking that other crap.
I started at 5pm w/2 dulcolax and then strted drinking 64 oz of miralax and snapple (not red or purple) at 6pm. After that I took 2 more dulcolax. I was basically up 1/2 the night at the toilet. Drank water throughout the night-nothing at all by mouth after 4 am. I had propofol to knock me out and it worked like a charm
good luck

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