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Hi Younggranny,
Having a scope in two weeks ,it will be my fourteenth in twelve years. Unfortunately my first scope found stage 3c colon ca and I have had lots of polyps removed since. My second scope was in the middle of chemo and sensitised me to the levage mixture. I had fleet preps for many years but now they are frowned on and I do now have serious kidney problems. My last three scopes were done with colono caps. Which basically involves taking 65 capsules full of epsom salts over a period of time and drinking heaps of water. My gi doc doesn't like them much as they don't seem to clean me out too well. My last scope was a disaster ,I had two in three weeks . The first I did not clear well enough and the second I was full of green mucous. Un fortunately I had been on high doses of prednisone for nearly eight mos and I had bleeding stomache ulcers thus the green junk. Don't know how I'll go this time .I'm no longer on prednisone but now I take methotrexate which is even hasher on the stomache than pred. Best of luck for yours .I have stayed awake for half of mine I just never remember the trip home.Cheers Ron.
[QUOTE=younggranny;4084141]okay lets see if i have this right..i'm going to call my doctor and see if i can take 4 ducolax tablets and miralax, how much miralax? I will be having my colonoscopy at 7am so when would i start this procedure...can i get the tablets and miralax over the counter or do i need a prescription for it...this way sounds much better than drinking all that golytely..[/QUOTE]

well unfortunately, I'm going to have to do a repeat of mine in a couple months as my clean out wasn't good. Mine is just for screening purposes and it's my second. The miralax and dulcolax worked but I think because I'm constantly constipated
(or as my doc says I'm FOS)
because of taking meds for chronic pain I'm gonna need a 2 day cleanout.
Certainly, ask your doctor before you self prescribe, but the combo of the 2 is much easier and less painless than drinking that other crap.
I started at 5pm w/2 dulcolax and then strted drinking 64 oz of miralax and snapple (not red or purple) at 6pm. After that I took 2 more dulcolax. I was basically up 1/2 the night at the toilet. Drank water throughout the night-nothing at all by mouth after 4 am. I had propofol to knock me out and it worked like a charm
good luck

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