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[QUOTE=Linda_in_NJ;4086846]You should get to an ER. Any time stomach pain is that severe, it should be looked into. Get some tests and bloodwork. It might be diverticulitis. Or maybe your ovary. Don't wait any longer. Good luck, Linda[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the info. I dont have ovaries; had a complete hysterectomy 3 years ago, during that surgery they removed several large tumors. I have tests scheduled on th 7th. I have actually thought a couple of nights that I may have to go to the ER. I've had really bad nights the past 3 nights. The pain seems more severe when I lay down to sleep. I can feel a huge lump in my abdomen on the lower left side; pain radiates up under my rib. If it gets any worse I will go to the ER. My husband has had two open heart surgeries; and they have cancelled our health insurance. I'm trying to do this the most cost effective way I can. The ER here would probably just tell me to go home and see my Doctor asap. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced any of these symptoms or knows what it could be. My Dr stated he thinks its a bowel/colon problem perhaps. He also stated it could be scar tissue from the hysterectomy; but I wouldnt think that would cause so much pain!

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