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Please take your time to read this post, Its rather long but I wanted to include as much as possible. I have just posted this on another forum but maybe someone could give their input?

Bit of random info but points out him having bloods tests over the past 6 months that were all clear. My partner has suffered from head, neck and back aches since March and has had numerous blood tests that all came back clear. The head and neck aches have gone but he still gets aches across his lower back, we think this was maybe due to his posture.


He is 35 and has started getting aches/pains in his lower left side nearly 6 weeks ago, they are constant no day is better than any other, he says it started when his pants felt realy tight on his side and he had to keep loosening them, he was also constipated so he went to his GP who done the rectal examination (which he never expected) the Doc said he was bunged up so gave him some laxatives (Movicol) they didnt work very well but he did start going again but not very regular, the doctor also arranged blood and urine tests that came back clear. The pain didnt stop.

He made another appointment a week later and the Doc told him it could be a muscle strain so gave him some Diclophenac, and took some more blood tests to check Thyroid etc which again all came back clear. The Diclo's seemed to ease the pain for a while but then the pain came back after about a week to how it was originaly.

He cannot sleep on his left side as it aches to much, this worried him so he made another appointment to see the doc, she felt his abdomen etc and said it all seemed ok but she would book him in for a Sigmoidoscopy. Is this strange as surely there are many other things it could be before going the colon cancer route?

He had this done on Wednesday 11th Nov 09 by the same female doctor and a nurse (he was embarrased but that passed) He was told he was allowed to eat the day before and didnt have to take any laxitives, he didnt eat for 2 days before as he was so paraonoid! Anyway he got undressed laid on his left side and the doc done the procedure, it only took about a minute or 2, she inserted her finger then a tube for the air to expand the bowel and then moved something about (the camera probably) and that was it, very quick?

The strange thing is my partner wasnt glad it was over as he said it was all to quick and had read it can take about 10-15 minutes and that laxatives should be taken prior to empty the bowels for a better look. The doc said it all looked clear but as the pain is higher up she would refer him to the Hospital for a Colonoscopy. This again has scared him as why a hospital referal! Is this strange or just precation?

Anyway due to his other aches he had been suffering (start of this thread) he had an appointment with a Physio Friday 13 Nov 09, it was booked ages ago and he was going to cancel until these pains started. The Physio done what he does regarding mucles etc and said the pain in his lower left was not muscle related and that the pain was on the bowel, he was pressing the bowel near the hip and my partner said thats were some of the pain was, the Physio did say its not his department though.

So to finish:-

He has no piles
Has not passed blood
Numerous blood tests all clear
Urine sample was clear
Since the Sigmoidoscopy on Wednesday (doc said was clear) his stools have been normal but quite dark? He wasnt very regular before this.

He has this constant pain in his lower left side.
His abdomen rumbles along quite often and he had alot more flatulence than normal.
He's getting a dull ache in his left buttock which he has had for about a week
He has not been able to sleep on his left side for weeks due to the ache.
Yesterday he got sharp shooting pains in his anus
He has a sore tailbone.

I know it could be a lot of other things but due to the pain being constant for 6 weeks, Docs referal, the pain when the Physio felt his bowel, the left buttock pain etc do any of these symtoms seem anything similar to Colon Cancer?

I'm very sorry if this all seems irrelevant but we just do not know and he is more worried by the day!

Many thanks


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