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First of let me say this forum is great and my heart goes out to all those affected by cancer. Thank you in advance for any feedback! Lastly I apologize for the long post forthcoming...I try to be detaled:)

Briefly, I'm 31 years old, male, married with 3 1/2 kids (One on the way). In Feb 2005 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I had surgery to remove the testicle. July 2005 the cancer recurred in my right lung. I had 3 months of brutal chemo therapy and have been clear since..thank God.

My "symptoms" began six weeks ago. I tend to hold my bowels longer than I should as I hate going in public. I put off going to the bathroom and it went away until the next day. The next day in the morning I had to go badly but I had an all day meeting and held it in was brutal I was getting all sorts of name it...not pleasant. So I made it home and relieved myself and noticed streaks of blood on the stool. This occured for the next two weeks on and off. After the second time I noticed blood I had laid down and felt a gurgly feeling in my lower right abdomen...not pain...just a feeling. It went on and off in that area for a few days. Then a few days later it moved to the low left side. this occurred about the same time I noted a lower back problem. I sit for a living and I guess have had on and off lower back issues...horrible posture...etc. So for the next few weeks I tried to go as SOON as I had the urge. I was going about everyother day and after two weeks the bleeding stopped. I was still freaked out as I'm a HUGE worrier...have anxiety etc especially after dealing with cancer. Then I had a bowel movement that was circular...a little larger but was fine. The next ones I noticed flatter stools...about as thick as my pinky and about 3 inches long. Then I started freaking out because thinking back I think my stools are normally on the thin side. My diet is poor and I tend to drink a little more than I should with my I'm not sure if that's related. So I've been monitoring my stool with SCRUTINY and now for 4 weeks have seen no blood, but they are thin...but again not sure if that's normal or what for me. Definetly not pencil shape and my frequency of bowel movement hasn't really changed...diraheea a few times the past month...

I went to the doctor for my back and explained the situation and she said it was probably a nerve or my posture and recommended physical therapy. she did a blood test to check for anemia and all my blood results were exactly normal.

The last week I had a bowel blood...narrower pieces of stool...maybe a little less than I usually go. Then I had a general stomach ache for the next 24 hours...just an upset stomach and the next day had diarhhea. It's been 3 days since my last BM and my lower back still hurts when I sit or bend. Also, on a few occurs I noted that what I believe to be my colon would feel like a spasm...or like a fluttery feeling. I felt this in the area where my transverse colon would be. All in all the pain on either side has been very mild...1/2 on a scale of 1 - 10...

So here I am...after spending I would say 100+ hours convincing myself I have cancer I await my colonoscopy that occurs in two days and i'm scared to hear the C word again. I know what it means and I know the difficulty and fear that goes with the disease. I'm scared to face it again.

I'm so stressed out. On one hand the blood I saw six weeks ago, the sore lower back, the narrow stools...has me thinking it HAS to be cancer. On the other I think funny this started the day I held my stool to a point where I nearly exploded :mad:

I know no one on here can diagnose, and I know the value of getting checked out so I'm heading to get the full scope on Wed. I gues I'm just looking for any feedback, thoughts, or what have you. I'm wondering if anyone had the exact same symptoms and how it turned out.

I should point out that I have no parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, brothers or sisters that have had colon cancer. But none of them had testicular cancer either....SEE....there I go making myself feel better than I contradict myself. funny how the mind works.

I wonder if this could be stress...hemorroids...cancer...who knows??

Well I appreciate your feeback.

Good luck to all of you!

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