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In a nutshell - Anal rectal cancer was discovered in Aug. 2005. Cancer was also found in cervix and several lumph nodes. Drs. believed cancer traveled via fistula from (or to) anal and cervix. Surgeries to remove cancerous areas started in Sept. 2005 and continued through Dec. 2005. First cancer was removed from anal canal and lymph nodes removed. Illeostomy (sp) was performed to protect colon during radiation treatments. Agressive treatment started with cyst platinum chemotherapy (1st dose at doctor's office/followed by wearing a chemo pack 24-hr. per day for 7 days; chemo administered through port and 6 weeks (5 days/wk) radiation. After completion of cyst platinum chemo, I went into renal failure and was placed in drug-induced coma for 4-1/2 wks. After 1-1/2 month stay at hospital, had to re-start treatment regimen - chemo 5FU this time, which I tolerated and radiation. Returned to hospital for blood transfusions and other treatments due to extreme weight loss and kidney damage through the first part of 2006. Illeostomy reversed, cervix and port removed in Spring 2006. I have continued to have extreme and uncontrollable watery bm. I take Opium TR each day and well as Cholestyramine for bulk. Spechter (sp?) was left intact. Recently, excessive stomach growling, flatulance, watery bm, weight loss and bloating. About every 2 weeks it seems that I back up inside (although I continue to have bowel movements) and throw-up. I am now being treated for SIBO with Xifaxan 1 per day/200 mg for 30 days. This is a lot to take in, but has anyone experienced any of these problems after anal rectal cancer treatment? Was the Xifaxan effective? What type of probotics are recommended?

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