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going to pop in on this post even though you all are done and I hope clear.

I have Crohn's/Colitis but my prep is slighly different.

I too 2 Dulcolax last night and supose to take 4 at 2 pm but took 2 at noon and will take the other 2 at 2. funny enough the dulcolax has not upset my stomach.

I have Golytely mixed with CL lemonaid chilling in the fridge. to begin at 5 but I may start earlier since i have an early apt an would like some sleep tonight.

if you have to mix you MUST avoid red/blue and purple it can read as blood durring the scope and could mean you have to go back for bad prep

I only have to drink until I am running clear. I am hoping with the help of the dulcolax that this will be less than 1/2 of the drink.

I did not do anything special the last few days except no fruits and veggies (low residue diet)

I can have Jello and italian ice (no red, blue, purple) clear liquids and a savior this moring has been gummy bears (no red)

Hope this will help others looking for info.
[QUOTE=Menanap;4170264]Hello Everyone, My sister was diagnosed with colon cancer about 3 months ago. My mom passed away from colon cancer 15 years ago.....Now the doctors want me to go for a colonoscopy. I am terrified but my sister told me there is nothing to it. The worse part is the night before which is going to start tomorrow......

I was told by my sis that The drink is nasty, but i was also told not to drink anything red, or to drink only clear drinks.

So what can i use to mix the powder stuff with could i drink ICE TEA or is that off the list.

Thank you


Mena: I am doing my colonoscopy prep today and will have my colonoscopy tomorrow morning. I have had other ones, and hated the prep. However, this time I started 3 days prior to the colonoscopy date and drank a lot of liquids and the most solid food I ate was mashed potatoes. Then today I have followed the doctor's instructions. At noon I drank a 10 oz. bottle of mag citrate and then at 2pm I took two dulcolax tablets with a glass of water. At 4 pm I mixed half of the Miralax powder with 32 oz. of lemon Gatorade. By the time I finished that I was having clear bowel movements (at least 10 of them). I will drink the other 10 oz. bottle of mag citrate at 8 pm. (I was supposed to drink another 32 oz. of Miralax/Gatorade, but the instructions say "until bowel movements are clear". I have reached that criteria, so I am just going to drink the mag citrate at 8 and call it a night!
Tea, hot or cold, is ok.

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