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Ok, this has probably been posted a million times, but do these symptoms sound like what some of you have experienced? If the symptoms continue to get worse I'll for sure go to a doctor. The reason I don't now is that I have terrible insurance and of course can't afford doing procedures just to put my mind at ease.

So, here are my symptoms:
- Stools are becoming thinner, not pencil thin but noticeably thinner than normal.
- Stools come out in pieces. Sometimes they're flat and very small, other times they're normal size, but with a long indent (making them more flat).
- Red blood specks on the stool and on the toilet paper. This usually gets worse after the 2nd bowel movement of the day making me think the problem is just a hemorrhoid in the anus but this has been going on for about 2 months. No itching or burning. I've also had a long red strip.
- Very mucoussy stool. I have bad acid reflux so this may be the reason for that.
- Incomplete stools. I can tell there is still some stuff left in there but can't get at it. Pretty gross.
- Stool always has specks of food in it. I figured this is from the high fiber diet or the acid reflux medicine. Could it be from my colon not processing the food because of an ailment?
- Nausea feeling every now and then.
- Terrible gas. I've always had bad gas but it seems to be getting worse. Could be all the veggies though.
- Stomach gurgling really loudly for about 10 minutes after eating

About myself: I'm pretty healthy. I eat a ton of fiber, lots of fruit and vegetables. I walk or run everyday. I do have really bad acid reflux which runs in my family. I've been taking priolsec (the off brand anyway) every day for the last few months. I'm under a fair amount of stress and use to suffer from panic attacks but have had that under control for awhile.

I'm only 25 so I can't believe it would be colon cancer, but you never know. Not sure about family history of colon cancer. I guess I'm just trying to get reassurance that I won't be wasting money. Do the combination of these symptoms justify going to the doctor? Should I go straight to a GI or do I have to get a referral from a GP first?


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