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My father is 56 years old, and had been having bleeding problems for 2 months. Two weeks ago he had a colonoscopy and a suspicious place was found. The very next day he was scheduled to see a surgeon who proceeded to say surgery was not an option. He told my parents that my Dad had the "worst kind of cancer in the best possible place." He then ordered and Abdominal CT, CEA levels and Ultrasound of his rectum. My fathers primary care doctors office called the monday after the CT to tell us it was clear. He had his ultrasound and the Dr told him it was T1, we were elated. Yesterday he followed up with the surgeon to get the results. He started off saying that the ultrasound being a T1 he could operate without the need for chemo or radiation. He then got a letter from one of the Drs who read the tests he went back and read his chart and starting running around barking orders at nurses. They had found a presacral mass in the CT. He did not tell my parents anything else. He avoided my mothers question about the CEA level. Now we have to wait one week for him to have this biopsied, and his return appointment to the surgeon is not until March 31st. These waiting periods are the worse. I will add that my father has cardiomyopathy with an implantable ICD. He also has Diabetes that is controlled with pills. Has anyone had a similar experience? I would like for him to see a Oncologist before any surgery is done. I also do not understand why a chest CT has not been ordered. I will appreciate anyone who can shed light on our situation or possibly just some words of encouragement. I work for a Doctors Office and all they keep doing is saying they are sorry. Thank you all in advance.

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