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This is my first post. :wave: I had a colonoscopy done last week and woke up to doctor telling me I had cancer. :dizzy: He told my husband it looked pretty bad and needed CT to see what stage. Found two spots on liver, which MRI show to be nothing of concern. Two masses in the colon, one on each side toward the top, they are large and appear to doctors as cancerous. I saw the pics, they open, bleeding and have black in them as well. However, biopsies came back negative. Doctors are baffled and say they don't believe it's not cancer. At this point, they want to remove 2/3 of my colon, leaving just enough to attach to the small bowel. Then depending on what the testing on the masses removed turn out to be, continue from there. I am totally new to all this and have a few questions. :confused:
1. Do they have to remove that much colon if it is not cancer, couldn't they just remove the areas affected?
2. What is life like living with only a foot of your colon left?
3. Have any of you had negative biopsies when in fact it turned out to be cancer?
4. What is the surgery like? He said it would be about a week in the hospital.
5. Does anyone have any advice about anything I'm not even thinking to ask?
Thank you in advance for your help!

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