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Hi everyone,

My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer I am very worried. My poor dad had laproscopy done 2 weeks ago to remove a tumour in his colon and some polyps (he had a resection) and now he's suffering every day. He has been home now for a week. They also diagnosed him with anemia which he never had before, and he got an infection while in the hospital where they had made one of the incisions around his belly button- a nurse is coming over every day for 2 months to clean the infection/change the gauze and give him a needle (blood thiner). Among having angina, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and now low iron, and anemia - He just feels very weak and tired and has the absolute worse diahrrea (constantly) which makes him not want to leave the house. He does not see an end to all this suffering and says he does not believe he will get any better. The surgeon told us that he will feel much better in a few weeks but he's feeling worse. Does anyone else have a similar story to share so I can let him know he's not the only one going through this. Poor dad is so depressed because of this and it breaks my heart - he's 75. My mom died of terminal caner back in 2007 which makes this very difficult for me.

Thank you so much for any advise you can throw my way - take care.

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