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Make an appt. with a GI. I had a change in consistency and gave it two weeks. Went to my family Dr. who put me on mirolax. I then went another week with constipation and diarreha. I then went to a GI and schelduled a colonoscopy. I had to wait almost 2 weeks before my colonoscopy. During that time I started to panic. My symtoms where I was anemic, low ferritin levels, constipation, diarreha, thin stool, loss of appitite and i also loss 10lb in 2 weeks. I was so stressed out that I could not function. I was sure there was cancer. Finally had the colonoscopy and I had two polyps that came back negative. My stress is gone and I am no back to my regualar bowl movements. Oh and btw I have insurance with a high decuctible. I called a few hospitals and doctors and paid cash for my colonoscopy. It cost me 850.00 and they said if i wanted i could have paid montly. So call around and get check out.

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