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hello guys, my name is archie age 32 and we don't have history of cancer on my family,I've had this chronic or constant dull pain on my lower left rib area for awhile now 6-8 mo.. I've been to many doctor's diagnosed me from ulcer, muscle pain and the last one costochondritis. I've had red maroon color on my stool for long time but when i did an FOBT it turned out negative 5-6 times already in two different hospitals. I wonder how accurate FOBT is.. cause i think i can see mucus and maroon on my stool that's why i took the test 5-6 times don't get me wrong i was relieved every-time i had a negative result i just don't have any explanation for the color of my stool, my CBC also showed up slightly higher hemoglobin.. I'm not losing weight, don't have thin stools, and im not constipated. I've had 1 chest x-ray and it was clear, 2 ultrasound that showed up i have a 4cm aggregate of gallstone but I'm not as worried as what I'm feeling on my left abdominal area. i know i should have a colonoscopy to ease my worries but i just want to know is there's some other way. please can someone help me?

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