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I was diagnosed with rectal cancer 10 months ago, have had radiotherapy and then an anterior resection leaving me with a temporary ileostomy.

I am 45 years old, before being diagnosed I used to keep myself active by doing a lot of walking - But now 10 months on from my open surgery I find that I cannot walk at the same pace I used to, and can only manage 2 short walks a day before discomfort in my stomach/abdominal muscles causes me to have to rest. I'm ok afterwards around the house and up and down the stairs.

I assume the Op and the ileostomy has left my midsection very weak and hope that after a reversal I will eventually be able to regain strength there. Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

I am worried though that there could be a problem developing, maybe a hernia? or something else as things seem to be getting worse.
Should i be stronger now? Or is this just something that goes with the surgery and i will have to live with it until after a reversal?
Any input, advice would be most appreciated.

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