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Usually if a polyp is found during a colonoscopy the person is told to come back in 1 year for a followup-colonoscopy and if that is clear, then in another three years. At 26 you are young to have had a polyp and with a history of cancers even if not colon cancer in your family, you should definitely request a referral for a colonoscopy. If it is normal, it will put your mind at ease and reassure you that your problem is hemmorhoids. If anything else is found e.g. another polyp or evidence of colitis, or other inflammatory colon disorder, a treatment plan can be devised and followed. Blood in the stool should never be ignored, it must be investigated. Are you also anemic? If so, another reason to insist on a colonoscopy.

Those of us on this Board who have had colon or rectal cancer may all be considered to be part of a larger group i.e. a colon club, ranging from those who have had colon cancer and survived, to those currently on the treatment journey and new folks just embarking down the path. If you have any other questions please post and we will try to answer them as best we can - after all that's what the colon club is for. The purpose of a board is to be able to exchange information freely, help each other by discussing relevant experiences

The only way you can know for sure what is doing in your colon is by having a colonoscopy. At age 28 you certainly can develop colon cancer. Unfortunately colon cancer seems to be on the rise among younger people. There is a calendar that is put out yearly that features photos and histories of young people that have had colon cancer, some as young as 19.

As far as symptoms go, I was diagnosed at Stage III and had had absolutely no symptoms. My colon cancer was discovered during my first "screening" colonoscopy at age 57. That is one of the features of colon cancer, until it is quite advanced there usually aren't any symptoms. However, don't jump to any conclusions cause there are numerous other colon conditions that can be causing your problem.

Just because you had a clean colonoscopy in 2007 that does not eliminate the possibility that something could have developed in the interim. Lynch Syndrome cancers (which I have) can develop in as little as 12 to 15 months as opposed to a random colon cancer that may take 7 to 10 years to develop. Also, it is possible that the examiner during your colonoscopy may have missed a flat polyp perhaps hidden in a fold of intestine, that continued to grow. Colonoscopies do not detect 100% of all polyps.

Ask your doctor or your local hospital about arrangements for treatment for someone who has no insurance. There are organizations that provide funds for treatment of uninsured people who otherwise could not afford it. You just have to do some digging to see what's out there.


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